"Revive and Sustain is much more than an advertising and marketing program. 

It's a public/private collaboration that combines community service with commercial impact. 

It’s a blend of demographics and metrics, history and traditions, inclusion, opportunity, and hope."

1.2 million+ visitors each year
spend 17,000 hours staring at blank walls
We see opportunity
for businesses...
and for the youth of the East Metro.

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When one compares the current volume of advertising in Ramsey County Arenas with surrounding suburban rinks, there is no comparison - even though the hours rented, attendance, and demographics on a rink-by-rink basis, are very similar.  In 2017, St. Paul area youth associations formed a marketing cooperative to address the disparity. In partnership with Ramsey County Parks & Rec, with Friends of St. Paul Hockey as the 501(c)(3) program facilitor, we are ready to change forever the look and feel of Ramsey County arenas.  We need your support!

And Revive and Sustain is more than a campaign.  It is a networking model that each year engages thousands of families from every corner of the county and throughout the state.  This joint effort of Ramsey County Parks & Rec, Friends of St. Paul Hockey, and several  community youth associations has three primary objectives:


1) Support Youth Engagement & Growth

2) Enhance Arena Atmosphere

3) Build Brands

Thank you for your interest.  Revive & Sustain could only be launched in a community like Ramsey County – where the culture has a unique mix of commerce and caring.  We look forward to meeting with you.


Matt Anderson

Friends of St. Paul Hockey


We are aligned with the mission of Equity on Ice through partnership with Capital City Properties, the non-profit, fundraising arm of the St. Paul Port Authority.  The goal of Equity on Ice is to bring together like-minded nonprofit organizations that use ice as a way to connect with the community, whether through athletics or the arts.  Together with DinoMights, Brownbody, and the Saint Paul Police Athletic League (PAL), among others, we will work to close acheivement  gaps through ice-related activities -  one child at a time.  

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